“I See What You Mean”, Denver’s Big Blue Bear at Colorado Convention Center

My last visit to Denver was 9 years ago.  Recently, I happened to attend a conference which was held at the Colorado Convention Center.  Wow! The first time I stepped into the Center, I saw the giant blue bear sculpture peeking into the Center’s lobby.  It looked like fun and playful.  Since I was already late, I hurried to the meeting rooms without paying much attention.  At lunch, when I went out for lunch with a group of colleagues, I couldn’t help taking some photos of the bear.  Well, this time, I used my iPad as my camera, as I did not take my camera to business meetings.  Since the weather was nice, the photos are not too bad.  After 4 days of coming in and out of the Convention Center, I noticed that I had developed a friendly relationship with the big blue bear.  Here’s my conversation with my new friend.

“Hey, bear, how are you today? Why are you there?  Are you trying to peek into the Center to find out what is going on?”

“Hi, visitor, I am fine, and I am happy to see you here.  I hope you will have a good time at the conference, and then find some fun in the city.  Enjoy your conference and your stay in Denver. “

“Well, bear, the conference is great, but I like you better!  You are so welcoming.  You are quiet and would not disturb the visitors.”  

“Hi visitor, do come back again.  Goodbye for now!”

This 40 foot high bear is the creation of a local artist Lawrence Argent, installed in 2005. This piece of artwork is called “I See What You Mean.” It’s a steel sculpture, encased in a fiberglass and cement composite, by a local artist Lawrence Argent. It has quickly become a Mile High icon after its installation.  Nobody will miss taking a photo of this cute big bear!  I took more and more pictures of my new friend, both inside and outside of the Center, trying to find out which was the best angle to show its significance.  How do you interpret this piece of art? Would you like it as much as I do?

If you are interested in reading more about the artist’s conversation with a reporter, here’s an article:


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