My Cambodia Trip – Part V – from Siem Reap back to Phnom Penh – The End

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After a whole day of visit to Angkor Wat, we went back to the hotel – Angkor Palace Resort and Spa.  This is the view from our bedroom which has a very nice balcony.

Room with a view!

This is the restaurant in the hotel where we had breakfast.  It was very beautiful and serene.

Everywhere in the hotel, there were beautiful lotus decorations. In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes fortune, rebirth, purification and finally total enlightenment.  Here’s an article I read in the most recent post of, about the symbolism of the lotus flower:

The next day, we went to visit the wood-carving training institute, where disabled children were  trained to learn a skill.

                       The products produced by the students at the silk center.

Visit to the Silk Center

We were introduced the whole process of producing silk.

Silk worker working very hard at the silk center.

Silk fashions in Khmer style.

The last day, we went back to Phnom Penh. The guide brought us to the Sunday Market, which was very interesting….


What are these?  I don’t know! The following pictures show the street vendors selling very special food in the Sunday Market.

These are the mats for the visitors to rent.  On Sunday, families will come out here to have an outing. They will buy food from the street vendors and rent the mats where they will sit and take their lunch.

The picture below shows a more expensive waterfront spot!

A dog trained to collect money from tourists!

While we stopped there to rest and drink some coconut juice from the coconut fruit, poor children were watching.  We gave them our food.

This is the last photo in this album. Cambodia’s culture and history have touched my heart. I took this trip primarily to see Angkor Wat, but I have learned a lot more. I sincerely wish the people of Cambodia continuous peace and prosperity.

The End

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