Lucky me! I saw it….The Space Shuttle Endeavor



Thanks to WordPress, I had reblogged the beautiful picture of the shuttle Endeavor flying over the Bay Bridge on Friday morning.  This was posted minutes after this had happened.  I just saw it on Freshly Pressed, and happily reblogged it.

I saw the space shuttle too while I was riding on BART from the East Bay to San Francisco.  The train operator was like a tourist guide…”.see the shuttle on your right… it is on the left..”   Everyone on the train stood up, all moved to right….and then all moved to the left.   Many people hastily grabbed their phone to take photos.  As my phone is not great in taking pictures, and I wasn’t prepared… forget about it!  The scene on the train was like when we were riding on a train on an excursion at Skagway, Alaska, “White Pass Scenic Railway”, which only happened a week ago when I was on a cruise to Alaska.

I was supposed to attend a meeting at 10:30 a.m.   I was late, and arrived at 10:45 a.m.   People asked me, did you see the space shuttle?  I smiled and said, “I did”.  They were envious!  My boss said, ” I also wanted to see it, but….hey,  where were you?”  ah…eh..”…on the train! “.  Well, I was just lucky!

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