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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Title of this picture: ” the backpack – the solitary traveler”

Picture taken at Washington D.C.

Why is this backpack here?

Where is the owner of the backpack?

Is he a traveler who travels by himself?

Is he taking a photo of the Washington Monument and just putting down the backpack because it is heavy?

But then, why does he want to include his backpack in the picture?

It is a very cold winter.

Snow is everywhere.

But  the snow is melting – see the puddle.

The sky is bluish.

There is hope.

There is light.

The solitary traveler continues his journey, towards the solitary monument, with his backpack.

This is how I interpret this picture.  The backpack is the solitary traveler.

I took this picture some time ago, and actually posted it on my travel site.  At that time, a friend who is a great photographer, discussed with me about the theme of this picture.  I took the picture, but the backpack was not mine. This is how we both interpreted the picture:  The backpack is the traveler. The traveler is the backpack!  He is taking a solitary walk,  towards the light, with hope!

I saw another weekly challenge photo today.  There was a comment that it was too sad.  Do you think this picture is more inspirational than sad?  I appreciate your comments and feedback.


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