Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Title of this picture: ” the backpack – the solitary traveler”

Picture taken at Washington D.C.

Why is this backpack here?

Where is the owner of the backpack?

Is he a traveler who travels by himself?

Is he taking a photo of the Washington Monument and just putting down the backpack because it is heavy?

But then, why does he want to include his backpack in the picture?

It is a very cold winter.

Snow is everywhere.

But  the snow is melting – see the puddle.

The sky is bluish.

There is hope.

There is light.

The solitary traveler continues his journey, towards the solitary monument, with his backpack.

This is how I interpret this picture.  The backpack is the solitary traveler.

I took this picture some time ago, and actually posted it on my travel site.  At that time, a friend who is a great photographer, discussed with me about the theme of this picture.  I took the picture, but the backpack was not mine. This is how we both interpreted the picture:  The backpack is the traveler. The traveler is the backpack!  He is taking a solitary walk,  towards the light, with hope!

I saw another weekly challenge photo today.  There was a comment that it was too sad.  Do you think this picture is more inspirational than sad?  I appreciate your comments and feedback.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. This is a great pic but I also see “sad”.

    1. friendlytm says:

      Thank you for visiting the post and your comments. As the viewer completes the art, whatever you see and think, will make this picture complete.

      1. Definitely agree. The meaning is in the eye of the beholder.

I appreciate your comments

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