French Press or Pour-Over? Ethiopian Fancy or Ethiopian Supernatural? Is Coffee tasting fun?


Many people like wine-tasting.  Have you ever attended coffee tasting?  Tonight, it was my first time, tasting coffee at Peet’s Coffee and Tea in the East Bay.

When my friend and I went to Peet’s after dinner in a restaurant nearby, we only wanted to get a cup of good coffee, from its single cup selections.  Well, two ladies asked us to join the coffee-tasting.  A long table was already well decorated and they were just waiting for customers to participate.  Free coffee and desserts?  Why not?  We had actually already bought coffee and desserts.  Out of curiosity, we participated.

It was a tasting of two types of Ethiopian coffee:  Ethiopian Fancy, and Ethiopian Supernatural.  There were two types of brewing methods:  French Press and Pour-over.  Altogether, we tried four small cups of coffee:  French Press Ethiopian Fancy, French Press Ethiopian Supernatural, Pour-Over Ethiopian Fancy, Pour Over Ethiopian Supernatural.


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