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Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy #2 -Victoria, the City of Gardens

This is my second entry of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

One of my recent “delights” was to re-visit Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, during a cruise to Alaska.  This cruise was planned to be a family reunion.  Victoria was the last stop before we headed back to Seattle.  As there were only about 6 hours in Victoria, we hesitated if we should actually leave the ship.  We had been there before, and so why bother.  We eventually made the decision to revisit this beautiful place.  I was so happy that we made a wise decision.

Two years ago, when we visited Victoria, known as the City of Gardens, the main goal was to visit Butchart Gardens.  We did go to downtown but only for an hour or so.  This time, we had spent almost 4 hours in downtown Victoria. It was such a delightful short trip.  We did some shopping in the beautiful downtown area, ate the best chocolates we had during this trip, strolled along the beautiful streets which were charming by themselves even if we did not do anything.  We took lots of pictures at the waterfront, with beautiful views of the heritage architecture including the Empress Hotel, the Parliament, and colorful flowers.  Time was however too short.  Next time, we have to stay in this area,  to appreciate the vibrant arts and culture scene, and the culinary experience.  We did not even have the chance to try out the afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel.

Meanwhile, I am sharing some of the pictures I took in Victoria.  You would agree that it was a happy place to visit.  No wonder it is rated as the #1 DESTINATION TO VISIT IN CANADA by the 2010 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards, according to Tourism Victoria.

Note: I am very happy this time using the gallery type -“rectangular”. It fits very well with the theme of this post. Let me know if you agree.

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy #2 -Victoria, the City of Gardens

  1. So glad that you enjoyed my part of the world. The Butchart Garden is remarkable and the story of the family behind this artistic endeavor is even more inspiring. Next time, come to Vancouver – we have the Vandusen and Dr Sun-Yat Sen gardens!!!

  2. Nice picture arrangement. To us people in the east, east as in Toronto area, Vancouver and Island are definitely vacation destination. Clanmother, Vandusen Garden is very much on my list. And friendlytm, hard work pays off. The arrangement is very pleasing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Now I see what we missed this year. Victoria was to be first stop on our vacation, but at the last minute we changed and just headed straight over to Fox Creek, AB. Lord willing, next year!!

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