Weekly Photo Challenge – “Happy” #3 – a happy lunch and a lovely cappuccino

This is my 3rd happy entry this week: Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

It is easy to make me happy!  Today, I had a very nice lunch at a new restaurant nearby with my colleagues.  Then after work, I had one of the best cappuccino with the most beautiful design in a new cafe/bar with my team for a celebration of the work well done.

These are the food items that I ordered today:

Morrocan Lamb Sandwiches, with cucumber, mint, fennel, arugula, and salsa verde.  The home-made foccacia bread was baked to its perfection and the slow-cooked lamb was extremely savory.  We all agreed that we had the best arugula.  Rating *****

Medley of Roasted Cauliflower soup with soubise sauce.  It was light, smooth, tasty and delightful!  Rating *****

I did not take coffee as I just had one in the office.  A colleague had a cup of coffee, and she had her two thumbs up. We also tried its house cookie.  Wow!  It was really home-made!

I don’t want to forget a side dish we shared: roasted yukon gold potatoes.  I did not have the chance to take a picture.  Believe me, it is a “must try”.

Apart from good food,  the restaurant has a very warm and welcoming ambience and decoration.  It is a perfect place for office pals to get together at lunch.

The name of the restaurant is V-105. Check out the website.  I like what it said:

“Sourcing from locally grown and organic suppliers, we insist on using only the freshest of ingredients.”

“Looking for love at first bite”

See you there!


It was a coincident that there was another gathering at 5 p.m.   This is also a new coffee and wine bar in our area.  I ordered a cappuccino which was so pretty (see the photo) that I didn’t want to drink it.   I did, and I enjoyed it very much.

Rating: *****

The cafe/bar provides jazz music after 6:30 p.m.  It is perfect for after office social gathering.  Check out the website: Ma’velous.  I love what it said:


Ma’velous was inspired by Clarence E. Bickford, the pioneer green coffee man during the late 19th century, who discovered Central America as a new source for specialty coffee and single-handedly grew San Francisco into a coffee center.  It was then when he first took a sip of a cup brewed from a Central American blend and proclaimed it to be “ma-velous”.  Like Bickford reinvented the coffee trade, Ma’velous aims to jumpstart San Francisco’s coffee culture by treating the simplest but best ingredients with diligence and care to take serving specialty craft coffee to an art form.”

Although there were many reasons to be happy or not happy, my day was just a happy one because of the food!  I will definitely go back to these two places again!

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  1. Clanmother says:

    Isn’t it fun to take along a camera to a restaurant!?

    1. friendlytm says:

      Actually it was my phone. Not very good. I will get my iPhone soon….and the retina should work better! Thanks for your comments and your support!

      1. Clanmother says:


  2. I like what you said “it is easy to make me happy”. Lovely post.

    1. friendlytm says:

      Thanks so much for taking time to check out my blogs.

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