Weekly photo challenge: Big # 3 – St. Vitus Cathedral in the Prague Castle


Weekly Photo Challenge : Big

To many people, St. Vitus Cathedral is Prague Castle. While the huge Prague Castle complex includes many fine buildings, St. Vitus is the one that is the most impressive.

This picture was taken inside the St. Vitus Cathedral. We had to be in line for an hour before we could enter the Cathedral. It was still worth it. I will probably write another post on the Cathedral’s gothic architecture, and the beautiful stained glass windows in the art nouveau style in my other blog.

I posted this picture in my travel photo website a while ago. My friends who viewed it, said that its magnificence has created immense spiritual power. Do you feel that way too?

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  1. Nancy says:

    The image of the cathedral is amazingingly beautiful. Thank you, I feel the great power of God.

    1. friendlytm says:

      Hi Nancy: thanks for your kind comments. My friends think the same.

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