My South America Trip #2 — The Magellanic Penguins on Isla Magdalena, Chile

In my recent South America trip which covered three countries (Brazil, Argentina and Chile) and many beautiful sites, one of the places that I very much looked forward to,  was the Magdalena Island in Chile, to visit with the Magellanic Penguins. We had to take a boat ride of about 2 to 3 hours one way to reach the island, and only spent about 45 minutes on the island.  It was still worth the time because nowhere could we see such a huge number of cute little penguins, all over the island.  I really enjoyed the time spent with them.

The Magdalena Island is a reserve established in 1991, home to more than 150,000 of Magellanic penguins. These penguins make this spot on the shoreline of the Strait of Magellan their home. They return annually to this place between October and March to lay eggs and raise their youngsters.

“Magellanic Penguins are often seen performing the “ecstatic display”. This can either be part of the mating ritual or can merely be indicative of territory ownership. Birds performing this display stretch their neck and point their beaks skywards whilst spreading their wings and making a braying noise. The display is often performed repetitively over periods of up to an hour or more.”

This video has captured the ‘ecstatic display” of some of the penguins.  This is my second attempt in combining and editing a few video clips to make one movie.  I am happy to include a music selection from the YouTube Video Editor and retain the original audio…the sound made by the penguins including their “vocal performances”.  I hope you will enjoy both Tchaikovsky‘s Nutcracker and the beautiful singing of the penguins!

I also included below a slideshow of the photos that I took , and a gallery for your enjoyment.  I hope you all like it.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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  1. eof737 says:

    How adorable they are. 😉

    1. friendlytm says:

      Yes, they were very cute!

  2. seeker says:

    I was waiting for the penguins to start doing the ballet. 😆 Good choice of music. You definitely captured the sight and the “ecstatic singing” of the penguins. I would have thought the island is covered with snow. The last penguin show I watched was the March of the Penguins. Thanks for opening the door to this site, tm.

    1. friendlytm says:

      Thanks so much for watching the video. It is one of my favorites. I hope you will have the chance to see all the other videos too. If you click South America under categories, you will see all of them. I have made videos in every South Am post, except the foodblog posts.

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