My South America Trip # 4 – El Calafate – Excursion at Lake Argentino

Happy New Year! 

As this is my first post in 2013, I would like to wish all my readers and friends a very healthy and happy 2013!

Last year, I had posted three posts on my recent trip to South America.  To celebrate the new year, I am presenting to you another beautiful chapter of my trip.  I hope you would enjoy the video,  the music and the pictures.


After seeing the Perito Moreno Glacier (My South America Trip #3 post), we had another full day of fascinating lake excursion to Upsala Glacier, Onelli Bay and Spegazzini, We were lucky to have relatively nice weather, although there were some drizzle of rain.  We were able to enjoy the views of enormous icebergs floating on the lake, besides the glaciers.  The sunlight had added a wonderful effect.  See particularly the big blue iceberg.  The guide said that its shape changed everyday.  It was another unforgettable spectacle. We all braved the wind and the rain, and went out to the deck to see the beautiful views and take pictures. It was extremely cold. Yet it was a worthwhile experience.

The making of the video
I created and uploaded this video to You Tube, using  its video editor to combine and edit the video clips that I took.  The music I selected is Johann Strauss‘  “Die Fledermaus” Overture, to celebrate the New Year.  It is one of the selections on You Tube.  I deliberately allowed the original sound of the wind and the music to co-exist.  Which did I favor?  The music!  Still, the sound of the wind is very loud.  I like it.  What about you?

The Slideshow

Below is a slideshow of some pictures that I took amid the wind and rain.  Everyone on the boat wanted to get a glimpse of the beautiful icebergs and the glaciers.  It was not easy, but I finally found a nice spot on the top deck.  My iPhone was shaking in the wind, and the rain wet the iPhone.  Yet, I made it.  You can judge my work from the video and the photos.  I enjoyed both the view as well as the challenges.  Isn’t life the same?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Gallery

Below is a gallery of the pictures I took.  They only represent a small sample.  I had taken so many pictures!  Since it was so difficult to find a spot to squeeze in, I could not help taking more and more pictures.

To end this post, I have something interesting to share :  In the last picture posted, you can see a man cutting a big piece of ice.  This was a staff who got a big piece from the iceberg.  As urged by another tour member who did the trekking on the glacier the other day and tasted the ice himself, I “drank” one small piece.  Nobody would believe that I dared to do this….as I was kind of picky.  The ice tasted very cool!  I survived.  I didn’t get sick!  In fact, I was the only one among our small group of six that did not get sick.  Perhaps the piece of ice I “drank” worked!

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  1. eof737 says:

    Happy New Year to you too! 😉

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