My South America Trip #6 – Sambadrome, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Rio de Janeiro is a very beautiful city.  In my last post I have introduced to you the two world-famous beaches Copacabana Beach and Ipanema Beach.  The beaches are crowded with beautiful men and women, sunbathing and enjoying life.  The native inhabitants of Rio known as Cariocas,  are very friendly, pleasant to work with,  love to have fun, love sunbathing, have beautiful tanned skin, and most are very musical and artistic.   Cariocas are credited with the creation of  Bosa Nova, Samba, and other famous rhythms in Brazil.  We have watched an excellent Samba show that was very entertaining, which also showcased the talents of the Cariocas.


Samba and Sambadrome

We all heard of a very important and festive annual event:  the Rio Carnival.  We visited the Sambadrome, which is the venue of the annual Rio Carnival where Samba schools perform their dance.  As it was not the time of the Carnival during our visit, the site was pretty quiet.  There was a small museum which showcased the culture and history of the Rio Carnival.  I took a video and some pictures that featured beautiful samba movements of a lady.   The music I selected is called Samba Brazil Extreme Music performed by Chucho  Merchan.  I hope you all like it.


I appreciate your comments

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