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Christ the Redeemer again, and “Corcovado” (Quiet Nights)

Thanks to my friend  musicdragonfly‘s comments on my last post about  Christ the Redeemer.   She introduced to us this song “Corcovado” which is the name of the mountain where the statue stands.  The viewing platform at its peak was where I did those shots of the view of Rio in my last post.  I am now posting this video here.   Enjoy.

While I was checking out this video, I found another video posted on you-tube about Christ the Redeemer.  There  is another coincident…we used the same music in our own posts:  Bach‘s Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major.  This video has some more detailed introduction of the history and background of this beautiful statue and also additional information about Corcovado.  Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Christ the Redeemer again, and “Corcovado” (Quiet Nights)

  1. Excellent, thank you, really enjoy the 6 minutes plus video showing the history, and those photos in different lighting, impressive, particularly those in the dusk and in the thick clouds …. I were there in 2010 during its extensive repair, couldn’t have come closer to the statue, I hope I will have another chance in my life to be at its feet.

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    • Thank you for stopping by my blog and your comments. I did go to,Santiago for one night. Not too impressive. Therefore I did not write a post yet. Have a good time traveling. I will be traveling too in two weeks’ time.

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