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My South America Trip #10 – Bariloche (Part 1), Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche, usually known as Bariloche, is a delightful lakeside town nestled in the Argentine Lake District.  This region, called “Little Switzerland”, is renowned for its snow-capped volcanoes, glittering emerald lakes, imposing waterfalls, deep woodland meadows and navigable blue rivers.  We only stayed here for two nights, but were able to see some of the most beautiful sceneries.  In this Part I, I have included the spectacular views we saw from the top of the Campanario Hill.  We had to ride on a chairlift to reach the top of the hill.  Some of the pictures were taken while I was riding on the chairlift.   As it was extremely windy up there, some of the pictures were taken inside the cafe at the top of the hill.  We were told that we were already lucky.  If the weather was bad, we would not have made it there.

I have put together a slideshow and posted it on You-tube which provides a wide range of music for selection.  I have chosen this piece of music called Argentina Extreme Music by Jose Blas Parera.  I hope you will enjoy the slideshow as well as the music.

Photo Gallery


10 thoughts on “My South America Trip #10 – Bariloche (Part 1), Argentina

  1. Simply stunning. We are hoping to visit South America in 2014 and right now we are brainstorming on places to visit. We hope to see parts of Brazil and watch some of the World Cup matches and then visit at least two other countries. I’m open to suggestions. This looks great. I’ll have to come back when I have more time to read all of your South American entries.

    • Yes, please read all my other posts, if you are interested to visit South America next year. I think 10 out of 10 people that had visited any country in South America told me that it was the most exciting trip they had made. However, the best is yet to come….stay tuned for my next few posts…! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments.

  2. Did you visit the site of Hotel Llao-Llao, and Cerro Catedral? They are very beautiful places too.

    The sunset in Bariloche is truly memorable. I lived in a B&B, each evening the host cooked the dinner, 3 courses, which taste excellent, very warm experience…. However there are many poor neighbourhoods surrounding the town, very sad to see it when driving along.

    Thanks for your post, which reminds me so much of Bariloche.

    • hello, i thought i had replied…again it was lost….sorry about that.

      of course i visited Liao-Liao! my next post is on Liao-Liao. I already did a draft last night but I need time to make a video. i love doing video nowadays.

      As I said to another fellow blogger: the best is yet to come! please stay tuned for my next few posts!

      we probably stayed at the same b and b as yours….it was so lovely, so romantic…wait…this is only a preview…see my next post please!

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