Andrea Bocelli’s new album Passione – Corcovado (Featuring Nelly Furtado), a choice of love and passion!

I appreciate music, including classical music, opera, classical pop, and also some popular music.  As I am a member of PBS, I naturally fell in love with most of the great performances on PBS.  I found Andrea Bocelli there.  Since that time, I have become his fan.   I did not buy all his CDs, as I am not particularly keen in looking for new albums of any of my favorite artists. Yet when I knew about the release of this new album of Andrea Bocelli, without hesitation I bought it on-line.  It was just released on January 29, 2013.

I was listening to the Pandora Radio – Andrea Bocelli’s Station, and heard this song Corcovado.  I jumped with joy!  I was happy to know that Andrea Bocelli also recorded this beautiful song!   My blogger friend musiqdragonfly introduced this song to me in her comments to my post My South Amereica Trip #8 on this blog .  Subsequently I added the next post: Christ the Redeemer again and Corcovado.

Here’s a promotional video of this album I found on You-Tube,  featuring the song Corcovado (Paratnering with Nelly Furtado).

There are a few beautiful songs that I know, including  Quizàs, Quizàs, Quizàs collaborated with Jennifer LopezLa Vie en Rose with the late Edith Piaf and also Garota De IpanemaLove Me Tender, and When I Fall In Love.

Let me also post the promotional video featuring Quizàs, Quizàs, Quizàs and see if you like it.

I read some reviews on-line, which include some interesting comments.

“Bocelli’s delivery is irresistible, and these arrangements can be intoxicating.”  BBC Review by Adrian Edwards 2013-01-23

This reviewer however pointed out that “Not everything is quite so recommended, though. Bocelli’s version of La Vie En Rose, upon which Edith Piaf‘s 1940’s original has been pasted, is ill-conceived. Not even modern studio techniques can disguise the shortcomings of the original recording.”

I think the inclusion of La Vie En Rose has a methodological instead of an aesthetic reason, although the combined Piaf and Bocelli’s version does have shortcomings.  Edith Piaf is an icon of her time, and  her La Vie En Rose is a signature French favorite which became world famous.  The lyrics talked about retaken love and were appealing to those who survived he difficult war time.  This is therefore about love in certain era and circumstances.

The most adverse comments came from a group of Bocelli’s fans who are against the partnership with JLO, saying that including JLo is a mistake, as this is only a marketing strategy, and she is not really a singer…etc.

About the attack of JLo, I think it is unnecessary.  Although I am not a JLo fan, she is doing fine here.  People may object her because of her representation of sexy women in movies.  Some Bocelli’s fans just could not stand his association with women like JLo (in their mind).  Well, it is nothing wrong to like sexy women!  JLo also plays an important role in some movies like Shall we dance (although I like the original movie more: Shall we dance (the original Japanese movie).

About Nelly Furado, a popular Canadian singer, it is a great addition to this album. I think her voice  is a perfect fit with Andrea Bocelli, when they sing Corcovado.

I think the producer David Foster wants to make this album really international.  Just look at the diversity of the selection of songs and the singing partners of Andrea Bocelli in this album.  The songs are sung in six languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Neapolitan

To conclude, I think it is a beautiful album of Mediterranean love songs which are all-time favorites.  This album is a combination of classic and pop music.  As Andrea Bocelli’s said in the video posted below, many of the popular songs are so popular, that they have become classic.  I am posting another promotional video here featuring Andrea Bocelli talking about this new album.

I am giving it a 5 stars rating.

This album is about LOVE!   Just LOVE IT!

(Please Note: This is not an advertisement.  All the videos are from You-Tube, and all the reviews quoted are from different websites.  My own comments come from my heart!)

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  1. Ha Borcelli, I have a mixed feeling, just feel that he’s very much “used” commercially, it is a pity that he keeps on singing something he is not particularly good at, I like the classical him rather than him with a number of low-rate singers, I just feel extremely sorry for him to walk that path! ‘La vie en rose’, that’s very French and one needs a very different emotion to sing it well, I just couldn’t even imagine he even attempts that ….

    1. friendlytm says:

      Hey, I already knew this would be your response. Unfortunately many artists with a classical voice will be more successful if they become either classical pop or pop singers. Successful means becoming famous. I wouldn’t blame him, or pity him. This is life and reality.
      La vi en rose, indeed I agree with you that he did not have that type of French emotion. I think no matter what, the packages that wrapped around ths album are to attract fans or would-be fans that like imagination, like Andrea Bocelli. This is definitely another commercial product. No doubt about it.

      1. That’s also his choice I suppose. I remembered watching a TV programme (from USA) on Christmas eve, in Buenos Aires 2011, Bocelli was there in the programme, they put a hat on his head, and arranged him to sing Jingle Bell with the kids, then a few xmas songs with different female singers, very low end songs, it was heartbreaking for me to watch that, since I find him just like an ‘acrobat’ (the worst sense of the word), I think he didn’t need this type of show, it is a waste of his talent. I no longer listen to him, personally to me he’s not successful any more.

  2. I, too, love Andrea Bocelli. Thanks for sharing!


    1. friendlytm says:

      thank you for your comments. it is nice to hear from someone that also likes Bocelli.

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