My South America Trip #16 –What did we eat in Brazil, Argentina and Chile?


I have written more than 15 posts about my recent trip to South America on my other blog My Notebook.  If you are interested in nature and sceneries, please do not miss my 15 posts on this trip.  Today I am turning to my food blog to share with you an interesting subject:  What we ate in our South America trip!

I have taken a sample of pictures of the food that we ate during the trip. Please enjoy the beautiful look and color of the food in a slide show and then a photo gallery,

Most of the meals that we took in this South America trip, are covered by our group tour.  All the meals we took were of good quality.  I never found any meal sub-standard during this trip.  However, as I do not usually eat too much meat, some of the menu may not be…

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