My South America Trip #20 – Lamb and Wine in Chile


In my last post My South America Trip #19, I mentioned the blog written by a North American anthropologist Jim Stuart living in Chile.  The blog Eating Chilean had its last post written in May, 2012.  I found it very interesting.  If you are going to Chile by yourself and you have time to go around to look for good Chilean food, and to understand the locals’ cuisine in relation to the social-economic structure, I highly recommend you to read this post-.Visitors guide-what to eat in Chile. The best in Chile is seafood, and we have covered a little in post #18.IMG_1874

As we had some dinners that we arranged on our own, some tour members found a nearby restaurant (the only one near our hotel which was near the National Park, instead of downtown) which served a “lamb” feast. We practically used the whole restaurant for…

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