My South America Trip #22 ; Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in the Details; Iphoneography – Monday: Nature; Say Cheese! March is Phoneography Month

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina.  Dec, 2012.
Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

As you can see,  the posts of my South America trip seem never end!  Just when I wanted to stop and turn to the attention of other subject matter, I read a post from a fellow blogger, and realized there is a new term Iphoneography!  Hey, this is exactly my club, and I should join them!

This post is in response to Lens and Pens by Sally who started the Iphoneography with two other fellow bloggers

Gracie, and Polly a month ago.  I only noticed this new “club” last night as I was reading another blog which I follow.

I have been using my iPhone 5 to take all my pictures and videos during my last trip to South America in December, 2012.  Since then, I have diligently posted all my pictures and videos here, and have created a Shutterfly website to host all my pictures.  I am glad that I did that, because if I wait longer, I would not want to do that, and all these pictures would be wasted….and I would forget them!

In order to celebrate joining this “club”, I am posting three Nature pictures from my South America trip album.  I chose them to represent the three countries that I visited this time:  Argentina, Brazil and Chile.  If you read all my previous posts on South America, you would have seen all the pictures and videos that I took.  It is indeed very difficult to find three representatives.  Finally I chose these free because they are panoramic which is one of the best features of the iPhone (as a camera).

Using the iPhone in taking pictures is very convenient.  The retina effect is great.  But still you may notice that some are “lost in the details” like the Iguazu Falls picture posted here.  As I only intend to take travel pictures conveniently, the iPhone is the best and most convenient camera that I ever had.  The video and panoramic features are great, although we need to be very careful not to take people pictures with the panoramic feature.  If people move, their images would be distorted.

Today there is a WordPress post that March is the Phoneography month.  Let us celebrate by using our phone as our new camera!  I hope you like these three pictures that I posted today.