My Yunnan Trip #3 – Folk Dancing and Folk Music at Stone Forest (Shilin), Kunming

Stone Forest (Shilin) is one of the highlights of my Yunnan trip.  Before we talk about the natural rocks landscape in this UNESCO World Heritage site, I would like to introduce to you the beautiful traditional folk dancing and folk music by the ethnic minorities in this area.

Yunnan has many minority groups. This is one of the minority groups seen at  the Stone Forest in Kunming.  It looks like that they are performers instead of locals performing impromptu dancing.  The music is typical of Yunnan minorities’ folk music.  The musical instruments are also unique to this population.  They are the drum and a wind instrument called Hulusi.    The dancing seems very light and simple in rhythm and is easy to follow.  I think the music, the dance and the women’s traditional costumes are all very beautiful.  The local guide told me that women who are married wear a different bow on their head-dress. Can you guess who are married and who are not?

I took a few video clips and combined them into one.   The music is the original from the performance.  I did not add or change anything.  I hope you will enjoy this video.

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  1. Herb levine says:

    I love the endless and wonderful diversity that exists among us even after we think we have defined ourselves and others . To me it is proof of divinity and purpose in the universe . What a gift to discover and share , to celebrate what makes us indelibly human !

  2. friendlytm says:

    Hi there: Thanks so much for stopping by and your thoughtful comments. Indeed we celebrate diversity every day. Let us continue the celebration and share with others what are we celebrating and why!

  3. friendlytm says:

    This is in response to my blogger friend musiqdragonfly ‘s comments written on my Yunnan Trip #2, about this video . I am replying here so that other readers know which video we are talking about.

    I don’t think these dancers and musicians are sad. Usually Chinese or Asians are less expressive in their emotions. Also each perceiver has a different perception. Please read the above comments from a dear friend of mine. He looks at this video as a manifestation of celebration of diversity. You won’t feel it in a similar way, because you both have different nationalities, different cultural values and norms. Since what he said came from his heart and so did you, there is no other explanation but to look at the theory of Perception. Is this a half full glass or a half empty one? Please interpret it in your own way. I hope my friend will also participate in this discussion …probably he won’t unless I ask him to… By the way, he is not Chinese….

    1. Perception is subjective, indeed. I refer to Malaysian cultural dance (entertainment) that I attended personally that they looked sad to me. For this Chinese dance I don’t know since I am not there, I simply feel (from the video) that they didn’t appear enjoying themselves too much, you were there and your perception is yours, definitely!

      If I may add one more remark : to me “half full glass” is equivalent to “half empty glass”, it is a fact, never occurs as a perception (to me).

      1. friendlytm says:

        There is no right or wrong answer, Sarah. Enjoy your spring! I watched a DVD on Tai Chi the other day when I was sick at home from a cold. I learned something that day. I feel good now!

  4. You know what Denise, so many people will tell “there is no right or wrong answer”, in fact if one pursues truth, there is certain apparent answer! Same as pleasure and pain, which coexist in this world, undeniably. For those who feel less pain does not imply pain doesn’t exist, it is about consciousness and obviously for those who are more conscious feel much of it.

    If I may enjoy spring without being conscious of certain pain in others, I refrain from the pursuit of such simple pleasure. Although I sometimes congratulate those who master such possibility. Having said that, I appreciate spring as much as other seasons of the year. This spring arrives pretty reluctantly, one should treasure it though.

    Today, Rebecca coincidentally speaks about philosophers’ ideas on “pleasure and pain”, pretty stimulating.

    Enjoy your Tai Chi.

    1. friendlytm says:

      I did write a few comments on that post. Thanks.

      The Tai Chi I learned from that DVD was more than the movements. The instructor explained about the principle of Tai Chi, which is primarily about balance, of physical as well as mental state. After viewing that DVD, I let go some negative thoughts that I got from work the previous day, and returned to the office with a relatively positive state of mind. That was the reason I said that I felt good! The DVD was bought from PBS, as a donation before the end of last year. I didn’t have the chance to view it till now. It is available on line on the PBS website. It is called “Tai Chi, for health and happiness” with David-Dorian Ross. It is amazing that Tai Chi was originated in China, and I never believed that non-Chinese can really tech Tai Chi, till I saw this!

      1. Glad that you recovered and found Tai Chi helpful. Denise, everyday we are confronted with bad news of the world, perhaps unhappy situation in life, I think we need to be conscious of it and be aware of it, but not being controlled by it. Consciousness and awareness are important, just like one shouldn’t be too “clean” but to “intake” certain viruses from different sorts, then you will build up a sound immune system. Don’t avoid negative thoughts but to face and overcome them, you will be stronger by doing that, I suppose; at least these are my “philosophy”, negative thoughts coexist with positive thoughts, no need to be afraid of it. My way to combat negative thoughts are listening to good music, write down the thoughts, or watch a good movie….

  5. friendlytm says:

    Well, negative plus negative equals to 2 negatives; whereas negative plus positive equals to positive, as long as the number of positives is bigger than negatives! I just made that up…my Maths is so so! Happy Friday!

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