Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley – Five Tops and Five Mysteries -My Yunnan Trip #4

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There must be times when you or your kids were fascinated by the world of dinosaurs.  When the science fiction adventure film Jurassic Park was created by Steven Spielberg in 1993,  The film was marketed with the tagline “An Adventure 65 Million Years In The Making.”  The movie was a hit.  Theme park Jurassic Park was developed in Universal Studio in Hollywood.  Why am I talking about the Jurassic Park in the United States when I am writing my Yunnan trip?  Because in Yunnan, there is a Jurassic Park!  In one of the picture I posted here, you can see a sign written in both English and Chinese:  “Waiting for you Two Hundred Million Years, Happy Gathering Dinosaur Valley”.   So, it has many more million years than the making of the movie!

Before we move on to understand more about the Dinosaur Valley, I have posted some pictures taken here in both a slideshow and a gallery format.

The Atlantic wire reported on April 10, 2013:

“Your Jurassic Park fantasies came a little truer today. Paleontologists working in the Yunnan province of China discovered a cluster of fossils left behind by ancient dinosaur embryos, which upon further inspection turned out to be the oldest remnants of dinosaur embryos ever discovered by human beings. The scientists discovered the embryos in a layer of sedimentary rock (known as a “bone bed”) containing bone fragments and shards of once-intact dinosaur eggs. The science journal Nature, where the paleontologists published their discovery, says that the discovered fossils date to the Jurassic period, making them approximately 190 million years old. The fossils’ importance extends beyond their age, though. According to Nature, the recovered material “includes remains from many individuals at different developmental stages, providing a unique opportunity to investigate the embryonic development of a prehistoric species.”

According to, there are Five Tops and Five Mysteries about this Dinosaur Center.  I found the information interesting and very informative:

Five Tops

1- Lufeng Saurischia, the most ancient and primitive vertebrate fossils in the world;
2- Lufeng dinosaur fossils have the richest species in the world;
3- Lufeng has the biggest dinosaur fossils conservation in the world;
4- Lufeng has the highest density of Dinosaur fossils in the world;
5- Lufeng dinosaur fossils have the best integrity in the world;

Five Mysteries
1- The highest density. Why are unearthed fossils here so large in number? What brought them together?
2- The mysteries of time spans. On the hillside of 240 square meters in the same zone, there are lots of herbivorous and predatory dinosaur fossils of 240 million to 65 million years ago, spanning eras of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. Why could these fossils be reserved?
3- The mystery of reproduction. A great number of dinosaur fossils have been discovered in Lufeng. However, not any dinosaur egg has been discovered. How did these dinosaurs multiply? Are they viviparous animals?
4- The mystery of collective extinction;
5- The mystery of the Orienting. All the dinosaur fossils are found with their head eastwards. Why? And what happened in the east?”

The Park which was opened in 2008,  is very large, around 10,000 square meters.  It is the largest dinosaur park in the world!  Isn’t it amazing?  It is an interesting combination of amusement park rides, large  pavilions, beautifully designed walkways, large lake or ponds with life-size dinosaur statues, and an enclosed excavation site. We only went to the museum, the restaurants (twice), and the most beautiful bathrooms in China (or the World)…(see my next post) but did not really have time to experience the amusement park or other beautiful features of this site.

This Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley, has given me the finest impression about Yunnan.  It tells us about science, history, paleontology, entertainment, and arts (what? Arts?  yes,…stay tuned for my future  post in my arts blog “Falling in love…with Arts”, as well as education and economic development in Yunnan.  It is on the way between Kunming and Daly.  It should be a “must” for every traveler to Yunnan!


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