My Yunnan Trip #12 – Dali City, the Ancient Tea Route and the Bai Minority

Dali City (Chinese: 大理市; pinyinDàlǐ shìBaiDarl•litHaniDafli) is a county-level city in the seat of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, northwestern Yunnan province of Southwest China.

Dali is the ancient capital of both the Bai kingdom Nanzhao, which flourished in the area during the 8th and 9th centuries, and the Kingdom of Dali, which reigned from 937–1253. Situated in a once significantly Muslim part of South China, Dali was also the center of the Panthay Rebellion against the reigning imperial Qing Dynasty from 1856–1863. It was severely damaged during an earthquake in 1925.[1]

Dali is also famous for the many types of marble it produces, which are used primarily in construction and for decorative objects. In fact, Dali is so famous for the stone that the name of marble in Chinese is literally “Dali Stone” (Chinese: 大理石; pinyindali shi).

Dali is now a major tourist destination, along with Lijiang, for both domestic and international tourists.”

During our visit, the local guide brought us to visit some Bai minority homes, see a Bai performance (with a wedding show) and attend  the Bai tea ceremony, San Dao Cha 三道茶 (Three Course Tea), is most popular among the Bai in the Dali area and is a common sight at festivals and marriages. It is both a cultural ceremony and method of honoring a guest.[5] The ceremony is often described in Mandarin as, ‘Yiku, ertian, sanhuiwei’ 一苦二甜三回味 (First is bitter, Second is sweet,

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(Sangzhi area) provinces. Of the 2 million Bai people, eighty percent live in concentrated communities in the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province.

The local guide also explained to us about the Ancient Tea Route 茶馬古道. We will talk about this subject in another post.   Meanwhile please enjoy the show of the Bai minority.  I have created a video  from my own clips and pictures.  Hope you like it.


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  1. seeker says:

    Awesome. How long were you gone for?

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