Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern (2) – Colorful Transportation in Yunnan – My Yunnan Trip # 13

This is my second post  in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Pattern

What are these colorful patterns?  They are patterns on the colorful fabrics which mount the “chairs” for travelers who cannot do the hiking themselves in places like Shangrila’s Tiger Leaping Gorge.  These chairs would be carried by two strong men who would carry the traveler sitting on the chair like this one.


The other type with multiple seats and wheels are not for going up the hill.  I took these pictures in Lijiang where these “cars” were parked.  I did not particularly see any of these moving in the street.


After seeing theses colorful patterns, would you be interested in taking a ride?

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  1. Lily Mugford says:

    What fun, I love the wonderful colours.

  2. Rubyred says:

    Colorful, yes. But what a hard way to make a living.

    1. friendlytm says:

      Indeed it is a very hard way to earn a living. Those young men will have to stop working like that when they grow older. But remember one thing. They all rely on tourists to make a living like this. If no one rides on these chairs, they will have no income. I know we all pity them, but what more can we do? What’s wrong (morally) using their physical strength to earn a living? Is this a philosophical subject or a social-economic one? i am still looking for an answer!

  3. thirdeyemom says:

    Beautiful entry! Catching up on your blog now.

    1. friendlytm says:

      Thanks so much. You are so kind.

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