Istanbul Attractions – Chapter 1 of my new e-book (coming soon) Exploring Turkey and Greece

CIMG4440After reading a fellow blogger Janet Williams’ post and her subsequent explanation to me how she published her e-book When Janet Met Tilly, I would like to give it a try.

I have been successful up to this stage:  converted a word document to a PDF format, and uploaded to Speaker Deck.  Here it is:

Istanbul Attractions

Please click the above link and you will see the “e-book” by clicking page by page.  It is actually quite nice.

But I am not successful in seeing the contents as a slide show on this WordPress post.  According to the support forum in WordPress, the url is supposed to turn into a slide show when it is published.  I tried many times in different ways, but failed.  If anyone can help, please do. I also posted a question to Janet and hope she would see it today.

Also, most e-books are not scrolling down but reading side by side.  Is there another easy way to do that?  You know I always try to find a short-cut!

Thanks to my fellow readers who read this post.  I may post it on the forum of WordPress later.  I’d like to try this post first.

Hey, it suddenly came out right…I did not even know why.  Please click at each page, the next slide will appear. if you click the arrow on the top right corner, the e-book will appear in full screen.  Isn’t it neat?


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  1. Congratulations to both your ebooks! I’ve read them on Speaker Deck.

    Try this: on Visual mode, type the Direct Link details onto your post:

    You should see the magic unfold.

    This was how I did it on my blog.

    Good luck!

    1. friendlytm says:

      i did, Janet. this was the first thing i did. it didn’t work. i just tried again after seeing your post. it didn’t work either. it happened sometimes in you-tube as well. if you have proved that it is the right way, i will wait to see if miracle will happen! thanks for such a quick response. now i know i am correct…just something went wrong with WordPress, not me! Thanks again.

  2. Perhaps your WordPress theme (Surburbia theme) didn’t support this function. If this is the case, then it’s bad news. A good theme should adapt and support the changes with WordPress functions.

    Ask the support team to see if they have any solution. Good luck!

    1. friendlytm says:

      That is interesting….thanks. I will ask support. I do have other blogs…let me try with others.

    2. friendlytm says:

      alright, i tried on all my other blogs with different themes. it didn’t work. thanks for your suggestions. i will post on the support page and see.

      1. 1) Did you try them on VISUAL mode? (not TEXT mode, ok?)
        2) I’m surprised other themes didn’t work either. My theme is Twenty Twelve and it shows your ebook beautifully.
        3) Try enter the details to see what happens.

      2. friendlytm says:

        yes, it is visual mode. i just posted my question on community forum. wordpress does not want to ask Support.
        i have to run now. talk to you later. thanks agian.

  3. Congratulations! Finally it worked! Your hard work paid off!

    I love the lovely tulips!

    Look forward to more of your posts.

    1. friendlytm says:

      Oh, now I know, the tulips are too big…thanks.

  4. Clanmother says:

    I am so very excited for you – an e-book!! WOW! Impressive – truly creative. I especially liked the statue of Sappho! You are remarkable.

  5. friendlytm says:

    Hi Rebecca: i am so thrilled to hear from you, because i really want to get feedback from you. This e-book idea is from Janet Williams who is also excited that I followed her model. A lot of my friends said “this is not a book”.and are not too encouraging. Well, we are just learning. My e-book particularly, is like kindergarten work. But I learned and would improve in future.

    About Sappho, you and i are on the same page. That is my favorite one..and it is my own photo, not my friend’s. Did you write about Soppho in your recent posts on greek philosophers and women philosophers? you probably did. I am very interested in her story. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”..what a beautiful quote!

    i have my second one already….will post tomorrow..


    1. I think it doesn’t matter what people say about if it is a ‘book’.

      We’re given the privilege to view your story in your new presentation, and I think it’s great for you. It’s wonderful.

      You’ve turned your writing and photos into a little book, in a brand new format. And you did it all by yourself. Of course it’s a book. It’s your ‘baby’.

      It takes a lot of courage to show the world what we’ve done. I think you should be proud of yourself. When I tried to create mine, I didn’t realise it would involve so much time and effort.

      I learnt so much during the process, and I’m amazed how WordPress has enabled us to achieve or try out new skills.

      Keep it up!

      1. friendlytm says:

        Marvellous! Let’s do a hi- fi! Exactly what I think…it is a cute little book! Can you tell me if this is your created model? If so, you are very talented!

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