My second e-book: My South America Trip: Torres del Paine – Pantagonian Chile


Thanks to my blogger friend Janet Williams‘ creation and posting of an e-book format, and her suggestions, and thanks to another blogger friend Clanmother‘s encouragement,  I have my second e-book ready for your view.  It is actually only a chapter.  I am not sure if I have time to work on the rest.  I hope you will all read this one.  Torres del Paine – the most beautiful place I ever visited. It is one of my most memorable trips!

MIf you have the Kindle app, try to open this in Kindle.  It will give you a better impression that it is a book.  Check it out and let me know.

Happy Birthday (July 4), United States of America!


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  1. What a lovely book you have published. It makes me want to go South America real soon. I try to click the link to Youtube but couldn’t…

    1. friendlytm says:

      Thanks so much. I saw that you have subscribed to my you tube channel now. I love all my South America videos. Hope you will have time to view all of them. It w as really one of my most
      favorite trips.
      On this blog, I also posted my Cambodia trip, and my Yunnan trip. I hope you will see my travel photos of Turkey and Greece on this blog:

      1. Thanks for sharing! I will read them 😀

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