A different interpretation of sound, noise and music in the making of videos

The first video includes two short clips of the Mendelsohn Falls.   Do you like the way that I piled these two video clips together using an app called “video frame”?  I found that app on my iPad and tried to see how it performed.  These two videos that I took during my Alaska trip were my first videos.  Each was very short.  In one of the videos, my brother and I were talking.  I love the mix of the waterfall sound and the noises around us.  Isn’t this a change from our regular way of presenting a video?

The second video includes four video clips taken during my Yunnan trip.   The app “video frame” has different collage types of “frames” which we can utilize to frame our videos. I hope you all like the framed videos.  I am just using these videos  and the video frames to hear from you how you would interpret this kind of “framed video”, particularly in the way how different movements, sound, noises and music are all in a mix.

Let me know what you think!

I appreciate your comments

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