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I just published my first cookbook! a real book!

Dear fellow bloggers and friends,
As many of you know, I am a very curious person,  and cannot stop learning.  I just found out a book making site :, when I was reading another blogger friend ‘s post and her publications.  I cannot wait but to embark on a new project immediately.    As a result of “hard work” these two days during the holiday, I made it!  Here’s my book at the Blurb bookstore.  Although I am placing it for sale on, I do not even know how it works!  Most of all,  money is not what I am pursuing.   I am working on an ebook version but due to some errors it has not been generated yet.  I will be sharing the ebook with all of you free!
All these recipes are actually posted in my foodblog:
This is one of the reasons why I am lagging behind in posting these days.  It is very time-consuming although the posts are converted by, because I need to work on the formatting, the style etc. I know there are errors, as I am not too patient.  I just want to find out the process.
I have to buy the book myself to see how it is.  When it comes, I will share with you.
I actually started to work on publishing my Cambodia trip which is already in a pdf format.  But some errors occurred , and I will not wait.  Need to go now.
Happy Sunday!

Click to preview Easy Chinese Home Cooking Recipes photo book

Easy Chinese Home Cooking Recipes

Food for Thought

By Denise Friendlytm


10 thoughts on “I just published my first cookbook! a real book!

    • Hi Rebecca: I only did it for fun, and to find out how .blurb works. I saw a blogger’s photo book by blurb. It seems very nice.
      You are right, I have grown so much after blogging for 1 1/2 years! Growing older but not really wiser! I did learn a lot from many of my blogger friends like you!

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