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Weekly Photo Challenge: Window – “Along the Fifth Avenue, NYC”

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This post is in responses to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

This is my favorite subject!  I do have many choices in my collection of “windows”.  Remember I had some discussions with some of you about the windows of Belvedere Palace in Vienna?  Then everywhere I go, I always take pictures of windows which may be interesting to me.
This time, I want to do something different.  I took a set of pictures in New York City while I was walking along the 5th Avenue.  “They” were so beautiful that I told myself, I have to post them some day.   Here they are,,,,who are “they”…some beautiful designs, fashion designs, very beautiful fashions which I cannot afford to buy.  Window shopping, girls…take a look!  Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window – “Along the Fifth Avenue, NYC”

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