My Three Books are now on iBookstore

I would like to introduce to my fellow bloggers and friends my three published books which are all on iBookstore. Two are free to download to your iPad , iPhone, iPod touch or Mac  Please click this link to check out my newest addition on my Eastern Europe trip. There is a link to see the other two books as well

As they are all Blurb books, of course they are available on the blurb bookstore as well.

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  1. Clanmother says:


    1. friendlytm says:

      Thank you, Rebecca. The problem is that I submitted to iBookstore via Blurb, which will not be able to get me the metrics from iBooks. I won’t know how many downloads from iBooks, i need o find a way to get me the information, which is more important than the “sales” which are only for fun. When it is free, at least many of my friends and families did download them! If anyone wants the paper book, the Blurb books are quite pretty, especially the one with dust jacket. But it is quite costly. The amount listed on blurb is at cost. I didn’t make any money. In fact I have to buy a few copies myself to see how they look like! Again, this is for fun. A cousin from another State said how come she never knew I could cook, but yet I published a cookbook! I told her every recipe , every picture on that cookbook are genuinely my products. I think I will publish my next cookbook which is more useful…at least an American guy who married my cousin, wanted to learn how to cook Chinese food, had happily downloaded the ebook! As to the

      travel books, my Angkor Wat book is much appreciated by many friends and family, and has stimulated many of them to desire to travel to Cambodia! A friend had visited Angkor Wat when she was a teenager, but never realized those artistic images featured in my book. She is now married and therefore wanted her children to learn about other cultures while they travel, and so she bought two books, one hardcover with dust jacket and one hardcover with image wrap, one for herself, and one for her kids. To thank her for her support, I gave her the one with dust jacket as my gift.

      The Eastern Europe book is the most difficult. It is hard to learn about so many different cultures within 2 to 3 weeks. My next attempt will be going back to some of my China trips. The Silk Road is my favorite, and most interesting to me!

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