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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Extra, Extra,  here are the two pictures I chose for the entries,

The first picture was taken in front of the de young Museum in San Francisco.   A  young lady was walking towards the entrance of the museum. The poster is big, but she is small. The girl with a pearl earring is beautiful. Not sure if this young lady is. At any rate, she appears to be an “extra” waiting  for the next call.

The second one was taken in the Stone Forest in Yunnan, China.  A cleaning lady was working very hard to clean up the garbage left by tourists in this place of natural wonder! Her work is essential,, but her presence here seems to be the “extra” not necessarily fit into the theme of the environment.




6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

    • Hi Rebecca. I like the new theme too. it can summarize and show all my posts on that blog, on all the Home page!. I changed all my active blogs into this theme because it is practical and quite good looking too!


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