Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

This is in response to Thirdeyemom’s Photo Challenge: Humanity.  I have followed Thirdeyemom’s blog for a while, primarily of her “humanity” approach. I did not travel as much, but like Thirdeyemom, I love to study different cultures and connections with people.


For the purpose of this Challenge, I reviewed my travel websites and my blogs.  I found it hard to pick and choose. I went back to my earliest website, and found my own “humanity”  page, which I called “life” at that time.  Some of these pictures are from my friends.  Thank you, Link, JL and TS.


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  1. thirdeyemom says:

    These are all gorgeous! I especially love the first photo of the Tibetan mother and child. I have never been to Tibet and would love to someday. Beautiful entry!

    1. friendlytm says:

      Thank you! I posted this on my Shutterfly site before my blogging days. This is the original text:

      To the Tibetans, spirituality is their way of life. I have deep respect and appreciation of the cultures and arts that Tibetan Buddhism delivers. This album cover features a Tibetan woman with her baby (or grand baby) on her back. This picture tells us a lot about the life of the Tibetan people living in the high altitudes of the Tibetan plateau. This woman has the warmest smile to visitors.

      1. thirdeyemom says:

        I would love to go there!

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