Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

This post is in response to the  Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

It is not hard to find examples of “endurance” from my travel experience.  But I think this is the one that I really endured to the greatest extent up to my maximum limit.

It was during my last trip to South America in December 2012:

It was  El Calafate in Argentina. After seeing the Perito Morena Glacier, we had another full day fascinating lake excursion to Upsala Glacier, Onelli Bay and Spegazzini, We were lucky to have nice weather, and so we enjoyed the views of beautiful enormous icebergs floating on the lake. The sunlight had added a wonderful effect. It was another unforgettable spectacle. We all braved the wind, and went out to the deck to see the beautiful views and take pictures. It was very very cold. I was holding the iPhone tight to take pictures and the video.  Without endurance, the iPhone would have gone to join the iceberg, and this video would not be created.  It was definitely a very special experience for me.  I am not an adventurous person and never really an outdoor person.  Yet it was a worthwhile experience and I enjoyed very much such adventure!

I can’t help sharing with you another video. We were on the way to Victoria Island.  Sailing on the ship Cau Cau in Bariloche, Argentina, was fun! Sea gulls came by to snatch crackers from the tourists who held their hands up to attract them.  My video showed how people had endured by stretching out their hands with crackers but the seagulls did not like them.  I held out my hand with the cracker.  A seagull flew by and snatched it away, almost instantly.  It was due to learned behavior!  The seagulls only flew towards the paid photographer. Nobody caught my picture except the commercial photographer!  Of course I did pay and buy the cracker and the photo from him.

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  1. Tina Schell says:

    We did the same trip – it was fantastic. I took many still photos but no video. Enjoyed your reminder!

    1. friendlytm says:

      Glad that we think alike!

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