Weekly Photo challenge: Collage–The beautiful Palais Garnier and Marc Chagall’s ceiling

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This post is in response to the  Weekly Photo Challenge.
The Collage I want to highlight here is the Palais Garnier, the opera house in Paris.  The architect was Charles Garnier whose bold and decorative style had made this theater his masterpiece.   It is so beautiful that there is always a long line  of tourists waiting to visit the theater.  I am very impressed not only by the architect’s bold and decorative style, but by the beautiful painting of Marc Chagall on the ceiling of the auditorium. . The theater was inaugurated in 1875.  After 89 years, in 1964, Marc Chagall’s ceiling was inaugurated.
“When French Minister of Culture André Malraux announced the commission for the project in 1960, many were outraged by the prospect of a modernist painter—and a foreign-born one, at that—taking his brush to the ceilings of Charles Garnier’s neo-Baroque masterpiece. But Chagall’s passion for the project won out.
~Hadley Keller~

Please see the Collage of photos I took during my last visit to Paris in May this year.  Did you see the Chagall ceiling?


I also found this YouTube video “How Marc Chagall painted Music”, which includes the ceilings he painted at Palais Garnier,  Indeed this theater is a masterpiece of the integration of Music and Art, as well as Modern and Baroque styles. . Enjoy the music and the painting!



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