Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual — the King’s Day in Amsterdam

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

This is a special day for the people of the Netherlands:  the King’s Day, which is the King’s birthday on April 27.   It happened that we were in Amsterdam that day.  Besides lots of concerts, parties and events, there were lots of “free markets” everywhere in the street.  You can see from the pictures here that people were selling second-hand books, clothes, utensils etc.  Public offices and banks were closed that day.  Transportation had a special schedule. Many people dressed in orange, the national color.

Although street markets are not special to the people of Holland, to me it is an unusual way of celebrating the King’s birthday.  I think this illustrates that the Monarch is friendly and close to the common people, who are also very nice.  While festivities are great, people also make use of the public holiday to earn a little extra income by selling used items in the street market.

As I already have lots of junks at home, I am not a customer in these street markets.  However, I have lots of respect for the people of Holland including the royalties and the street vendors, for their creativity and their employment of various means of improving socio-economic development.

I appreciate your comments

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