Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction – Good Food


This post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

Summer season is a time when there are many out-of-town visitors coming to the San Francisco Bay Area where the weather is nice.   Very often we meet and dine.    For  smaller groups of visitors,  we will enjoy with them different types of cuisines available in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The pictures posted here are just a sample that we ate most recently:  Mediterranean, Indian, French, Malaysian, you name it!

If there is a big group, we usually will order banquet style of Cantonese cuisine in good Chinese restaurants.  In the past, I already introduced many dishes in my food blog Food for Thought.  Check them out if you are interested.  Today I am posting some pictures of a banquet hosted by a relative in one of the best and most likely most expensive Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area.

After eating all these beautiful dishes and different types of wonderful cuisines, I feel very satisfied!  You want to try some of them?  Come to San Francisco and I will show you where to find them!


Bon Appétit!

“It’s important for me who is at the table with me; the moment when everyone speaks to each other and everyone listens. If there’s good food, it’s much better. ”  ~Andrea Bocelli~(From Brainy Quote)

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