Argentine cuisine – trout, beef, pasta, empanada, sweet snacks and chocolates…

This is my last food post in relation to my South America trip. I am going back to “My Notebook” to finish the posting of a few more posts to make the South America travel experience more complete,


In this South America trip, we were in Argentina for about 8 to 9 days.  Therefore I can say that we did tried quite a bit of everything in terms of Argentine food.  The food was good, but again, I did not notice a lot of traditional Argentine cuisine.  I was most impressed by the trout dish that I had the first day we arrived in Bariloche. In the United States, I love seafood, but we seldom eat trout.  It was really a delight to find the trout here very fresh and tasty.


According to an article in Academia Bariloche “Mouth watering salmon and trout, plentiful in the Patagonian lakes and rivers, are eaten fresh as well as smoked and accompanied by a range of different sauces., Patagonian lamb is a national delicacy. Lamb, wild pig and alpine venison are all very popular and highly appealing local dishes.”

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