My third e-book: An Unforgettable Trip: Angkor Wat, Cambodia


I am happy to present to you a complete e-book this time, instead of one chapter only as in my two previous post.  The pictures and contents of this e-book have been published on this blog . You may say, that is easy then.  Unfortunately this is not the case.   As this includes 5 chapters, I have to merge 5 files, adjust lots of things in the text.  I am glad that it is finally completed.  Hope you will enjoy with me the trip to Cambodia.

Please click this link to see it on speaker deck. It did not open up like the Istanbul  post.  Nobody fixed it because I found out from speaker deck that WordPress does not support this.  I learned a lot through this exercise. e.g. why some of the hyperlinks work on other apps but not here.  The links work when I view them from Kindle which is the best way to open up like a book.

Finally, I cannot forget mentioning that this e-book idea came from a blogger friend Janet Williams.  Check out her blog please.

The e-book includes about 70 pages.  If nobody reads, I will still be happy, because I m keeping them as my travel book.  Why not?



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